Rates for couples will be increasing to 185/90min session for new clients starting February 1st.
  • Why Work on My Relationship?

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    Why Work on My Relationship?

    Relationships can be filled with loneliness, pain, conflict and betrayal. You might feel trapped and have little hope anything will ever change. We believe when people are given the proper tools they can change, and relationships can go from barely surviving to thriving. Before you pack your bags consider these 4 reasons to stay, and remember change is always possible.

    1. All relationships have problems.

    Even the best marriages have perpetual, unsolvable problems. In fact, 69% of problems in all relationships are unsolvable, based on differences in personality and core values. Unless you plan on being alone your next relationship will still have problems.

    2. Health benefits of good relationships.

    You get the same health benefits being in a healthy marriage as you do from diet and exercise. People in good relationships live longer, are healthier, have stronger immune systems, and even become wealthier.

    3. True Cost of Divorce

    Marriage is difficult but divorce is even harder. The average cost of a contested divorce in Canada is $15000. Not only is there a financial cost of divorce there is an emotional cost it takes on children. Children from divorced/separated households are 11x more likely to fall into “LOW INCOME” living, 2x more likely to drop out of school, and 2-3x more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues.

    4. Effectiveness of Couples Counselling/Coaching

    93% of people surveyed reported having more effective tools for dealing with problems.

    97% reported they got the help they needed