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  • "Go from barely surviving to thriving"

    We specialize in helping couples heal from past hurts and betrayals, feel understood and valued by their partner, and manage conflict so you can have a long lasting, enjoyable, and meaningful relationship.

    Aftermath of an Affair

    What happens for bother partners when an affair happens, how we can help.

    Do you sit next to your spouse yet feel distant and alone? Perhaps you feel unheard, betrayed or disrespected? Are you tired of fighting all the time and just want to stop hurting each other? You are not alone!

    Our specialty is helping couples just like you! We want to give you the tools to build the kind of relationship you want and that works best for you and your family. We do this by helping you heal from past hurts or betrayals, resolve conflict and change fighting patterns, allowing you to create a deeper connection and friendship.

    Whether you have are seriously considering divorce, are recovering from an affair, or have grown apart and want to reignite that spark we can help transform your relationship, so that you are valued, respected and excited to spend time with your spouse again!

    About Bradley Lestage

    Brad graduated from Providence University with a Master of Arts in Counselling and is an Associate Professional Counsellor with PACCP #738AB21. He has also completed Gottman couples therapy levels 1&2.