Rates for couples will be increasing to 185/90min session for new clients starting February 1st.
  • Mental Fitness

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    Integrated Life: Enhancing your Physical and Mental Fitness.

    Who needs therapy when you can go to the gym?

    There is a common myth out there saying “If I work out I don’t need therapy.” Working out can elevate your mood and people often feel great after a good workout. You work out, eat healthy and have sculpted your body to look a certain way, but is your mindset as healthy as your body?

     Our minds dictate our future, and how we can view the future. The way we think matters!

     You can do the right things to get physically healthy, stay away from fast food and candy bars, focusing on clean eating and working out. Yet if your mind is a mess, filled with negative thoughts, self doubt, and fear, you’re mindset needs some work! If you are lonely, longing to feel accepted, and valued for who you are, we are your partners in helping you shape your mentally healthy future!

    We recognize the need for you to build healthy bodies alongside healthy hearts and minds, so you can feel confident valued and free. We have partnered with Iron Nation because they are helping with your body, and we will help give you the strength and courage to take life by the horns and face your inner demons – past the barbell!

    Connect with us to join us as we expand your mentally healthy future.