Rates for couples will be increasing to 185/90min session for new clients starting February 1st.
  • What makes us different?

    1. Some couples therapy focuses heavily on managing conflict, which does provide short term benefits, but, has a high rate of relapse. We set you up for success by not only teaching you how to manage conflict better, but by deepening your friendship and emotional connection.

    2. We do a thorough assessment process which allows us to discover your strengths and weaknesses as individuals and as a couple. This gives us the ability to pinpoint your weaknesses and use your strengths to start making targeted repairs. Resulting in quicker improvement, better results, and saves you time and money.

    3. We use strategies based on 40 years of research done by the Gottman Institute following thousands of couples. Where they studied what makes some relationships last and why others lead to divorce. We teach you those foundational principles of what makes marriage work, and teach you exercises to entrench those principles in your marriage.

    If your ready to experience the difference we can make in your relationship book an appointment today! Steer away from a relationship catastrophe and into relationship prosperity!