Rates for couples will be increasing to 185/90min session for new clients starting February 1st.
  • Marathon Couples Therapy

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    Marathon Couples Therapy

    What is Marathon Couples Therapy?

    Marathon Couples Therapy is an intensive form of relationship counselling that packs multiple traditional therapy sessions into one or two full-day experiences. Instead of spreading out sessions over weeks or months, couples immerse themselves in concentrated sessions to delve deep into their issues, find resolutions, and work towards reconnecting in a more condensed timeframe.

    Benefits of Marathon Couples Therapy:

    Focused Approach: Without the constraints of a typical one-hour session, couples can delve deeper into their challenges, allowing for comprehensive exploration and resolution without feeling rushed.

    Rapid Progress: The intensity and focus of Marathon Couples Therapy often lead to breakthroughs and progress that might take weeks or months in standard therapy settings.

    Reduced Wait Times: By engaging in a full or half-day session, couples don’t have to wait a week or more to address issues that arise during therapy. This continuous approach can lead to more effective results.

    Convenience for Busy Schedules: Especially suitable for couples with demanding jobs or lifestyles, this therapy format requires less frequent visits, reducing disruption to their daily routines.

    Privacy and Immersion: Extended sessions allow for a deeper dive into sensitive issues in a private setting, minimizing distractions and maximizing therapeutic immersion.

    Who is Marathon Couples Therapy for?

    Marathon Couples Therapy can benefit a wide range of couples, including those:

    Facing urgent issues that require rapid resolution.

    Living remotely or far from qualified therapists and can only make infrequent visits.

    With busy schedules that make regular weekly therapy sessions difficult.

    Desiring a private and intensive therapeutic experience.

    Looking to jump-start their therapy or complement their ongoing sessions.

    Pricing and Payment Information:

    Marathon Couples Therapy at Restoring Peace Counselling is priced at:

    $1000 for a full day (6 hours) of couples counselling $500 for half a day.

    Why the Higher Cost?

    Marathon Couples Therapy requires intensive preparation, dedicated focus, and extended hours from your therapist, all of which ensure you get the most out of each session. The price reflects the enhanced service level and the quality time you’ll be receiving.

    Why is Payment Required in Advance?

    Marathon Couples Therapy is distinct in its structure and commitment. Here’s why advance payment is essential:

    Securing Your Date: When you choose a day for your Marathon Couples Therapy, we dedicate that entire slot to you. This means setting aside a substantial block of time that could have been allocated to other sessions or tasks. Your upfront payment ensures that this slot is reserved exclusively for you.

    Ensuring Commitment: Paying in advance is a mutual sign of commitment. It assures us of your dedication to the therapy process, and in return, we can invest our time and energy in tailoring the session to your specific needs.

    Streamlined Experience: Advance payment means less administrative work on the day of your session. This ensures that we can dive straight into the therapeutic process without any delays.

    By committing upfront, you’re taking a significant step toward focused and dedicated healing. Your investment paves the way for an uninterrupted and tailored therapeutic journey.

    Begin Your Healing Journey

    Marathon Couples Therapy is a transformative experience, designed to address and heal relationship issues in a concentrated manner. If you believe this approach aligns with your needs, we invite you to take the first step towards mending and strengthening your relationship. Book your session at Restoring Peace Counselling today.